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Artists and Art that I love and admire

Art Love: Jason deCaires Taylor

This video is positively mesmerizing and worth every second of viewing.  After your mind is blown by the beauty of this underwater museum that is an ever changing and growing reef habitat, please visit his website to learn more about this wonderful artist.

Silent Evolution

xoxo, Jenna


Art Love: Frida Khalo

Dear Frida,
How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways….

I mean, really.  How wonderful was this woman?! I love her fearless voice, strong mind and independence.  Her strength and her vulnerability and how she so honestly depicted both in her work.  I love her haunting imagery and unapologetic bi-sexuality.  I love that she drank and cursed as well as any man and I even love her unibrow.  I love that she knew who she was and never lost sight of that.  She said “I was born a bitch.  I was born a painter.”  Here are some of my favorites of hers…

Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace
What the Water Gave Me
Two Fridas
The Broken Spine
“I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.”
Self Portrait with Cropped Hair
Girl with Death Mask (She Plays Alone)
The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico),  Diego, Me and Senor Xolotl
Henry Ford Hospital
The Little Deer
The Dream

“I hope the exit is joyful and I hope never to return”

Xoxo, Jenna

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Art Love: Doug Rhodehamel’s Mushrooms Across America

Have you ever seen these mushrooms around your city???  
Well, when I moved to Orlando I saw them everywhere and wondered….”What is UP with these paper bag mushrooms?” “What does it MEAN?”  “WHO is behind this?”  Years and years later, I randomly met a guy named Doug Rhodehamel  through my friend Nicolle one night at our favorite local hangout and that’s when the mystery was solved.  Doug is a very funny and sweet artist, that on that night, gave an inebriated Jenna & Nicolle a ride home.  He created The Spore Project which is an ongoing project promoting awareness of creativity and art education.  Some schools and every day people across the country have adopted this project.  They have planted these mushrooms along highways, in fields, and in their yards.  Actually, he has mushrooms planted on every continent, so join the fun and spread the word, Yo!  Click HERE to learn how to make your own mushrooms.
Currently, the green states have had mushroom plantings.  If you live in one of those other states and wish to participate in The Spore Project…make some mushrooms, take a photo and email it to and he’ll put you on the map!  

Help Doug plant
 Happy mushroom making! Xoxo, Jenna.

Art Love: Danny Roberts

I’m currently in love with the work of Danny Roberts from Igor + André.  Here are a few of my favorites from his character sketchbook…
There is something about those circled cheeks that I really like a lot.  You can also see that in some of Elle Malan’s work as well…I think she’s great too.

Something in me wants to have pink hair so badly…
I’ve had some pink chunks before (on accident), but never 100% committed pink hair. 

I wish I were more skilled in drawing & illustration…definitely need to brush up and practice…need to find my style.
I hope you all are having a splendid week!
Xoxo, Jenna

The Girl Who Levitates

I found this link via Twitter and just loved what I saw….had to share it!

Natsumi Hayashi has a passion for levitation.  Always equipped with her camera, she travels her streets of Tokyo capturing images of herself jumping.  Passers-by may wonder about the “weird girl” repetitively jumping, but she carries on in her quest for the perfect levitation shot.  I simply love this idea.  I’ve posted the two that I liked the best, but do check out the link to see twelve more really fun photos from her levitation series.
Enough procrastination from me….MUST get back to working on an art instillation piece.  
xoxo, Jenna