Monthly Archives: June 2013

Out of Practice

I can’t tell you how many times I have put down my drawing abilities or said something like “Oh, I can’t really draw.”  I want to draw.  The problem is, I get so frustrated when my hands cannot produce what I see in my head and I give up.  My confidence in that medium is nil.  “I can’t draw.”

Well, I just went through some digital photo albums that I have on my laptop and came across a few scans of my art school work, and guess what?!  I can draw!  I’m just out of practice.  I had forgotten all about these and even though they’re just incomplete studies, I feel as proud of them now as I remember being when I first pulled my charcoal covered hand away from them.  Was I the best in my class?  No.  But, was I the worst?  No.  I really didn’t care where I landed on that spectrum because I was happy with what I had produced.  I was as surprised with myself then as I am now.

Finding these was a good reminder and I’m hoping that the next time my hand gets an itch to sketch, I’ll be a little more patient and kind with myself.