Book Review: Crafty Superstar

This is the perfect book to read if you are thinking of entering the Indie Craft world either as a hobby or a small business and the main themes taken away from Crafty Superstar are…”Be Informed. Be Confident. Be Yourself.” It’s written in a very casual voice…almost as if you and the author have been friends for years and already have a comfortable back and forth banter established that’s heavy on slang and sarcasm. If that’s not your cup of tea, then it might become annoying, but honestly, I didn’t think she went over the top and found her humor quite charming at times. All of the above makes Crafty Superstar a quick and easy read…that and the font is huge with doodles all over and the pages are super thick. Grace Dobush touches upon pretty much every aspect of starting a small craft business, giving a good compare and contrast with specific options and things to think about, but without going into intense detail, making this a fantastic introductory book.  Because she doesn’t go into great detail, you’ll need to look elsewhere for all the nitty gritty deets, but she does a great job providing very helpful resources. I am quite positive that I will be pulling this book from my bookshelf many times over the next year because of it’s tremendous resource value. I mean the Epilogue alone has 20+ pages of forms, templates, great recommendations for online crafty communities, blogs and publications as well as small business resources, suggested reading, suppliers, and to top all of that helpfulness off, a list of all the major North American craft shows.

Happy reading!  Xoxo, Jenna


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