Art Love: Danny Roberts

I’m currently in love with the work of Danny Roberts from Igor + André.  Here are a few of my favorites from his character sketchbook…
There is something about those circled cheeks that I really like a lot.  You can also see that in some of Elle Malan’s work as well…I think she’s great too.

Something in me wants to have pink hair so badly…
I’ve had some pink chunks before (on accident), but never 100% committed pink hair. 

I wish I were more skilled in drawing & illustration…definitely need to brush up and practice…need to find my style.
I hope you all are having a splendid week!
Xoxo, Jenna

4 thoughts on “Art Love: Danny Roberts

  1. Jenna Caring

    @Juliet DiCaprio I try, but my illustrations always either A.) Suck or B.) Look like copy cats. I'm definitely more of a tactile modeling type artist, but in my brain, I can draw like nobody's business! It's so frustrating that I can't translate the images I see in my head to paper.


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