German Chocolate Cupcake Review

June 29th is a fun day because two of my Lovelies (Angela & Lucy) share that birthday.  Lucy had to go and move away on us, so no cupcakes for her.  😛

Angela’s favorite cake flavor is German Chocolate and you know I like to bake soooooo…voilà!

Well, I can be somewhat of a food snob at times so I only liked half of this recipe.  All in all this was an easy recipe to follow and the frosting beat the cake by a mile.  Seriously, I could’ve eaten it by the spoonful.  Hell…who am I trying to kid, you know I did.  This frosting (to me) was perfection and the best “German” style frosting I’ve ever had.  The cake, however, is quite possibly the worst I’ve made.  It wasn’t chocolatey enough, but that wasn’t the worst part.  Although the cake was very fluffy, it wasn’t very flavorful and was too soft.  By the next day after being under glass it was almost soggy and fell apart very easily.  BUT, the birthday girl liked them so that’s all that matters.  I just happen to be a bit fussy with baked goods.
Side note: These cupcakes can look a bit boring and borderline ugly with just the frosted cakes.  Adding chocolate and coconut shavings makes them look fancier…and what have I been doing with the leftovers???
Yep….removing the crumbly tops from the ho hum cupcakes so I can still eat the frosting.  You betcha.  I’m also the girl who will suck the chocolate off of Raisinets and chuck the raisins when she’s desperate for a choco-fix.
What have we learned?  This frosting is boss, but use another chocolate cake recipe.  If you have a good one, pass it my way!
Happy baking!
Xoxo, Jenna


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