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How To Be Alone…

Are you one of those people that can comfortably go out to eat at a restaurant by yourself or go to the movie theatre in happy solitude?  I’ve met many who simply cannot.  The thought of being seen dining alone or being surrounded by empty chairs at the movies seems so vulnerable, or boring, or pathetic to them, but I absolutely love it.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a wonderful and funny husband, a lovely family and beautiful friends whose company I enjoy immensely, but I am so okay with just hanging out with myself as well.  In fact, sometimes I just need it.  I, for some reason, start to crave quiet moments to myself or little solitary adventures to either do nothing at all, make some art or go explore and try something new.  Whether you are a seasoned loner or the complete opposite, I want to share with you one of my very favorite YouTube discoveries, How To Be Alone by (film maker) Andrea Dorfman and (singer/songwriter/poet) Tanya Davis.   First of all, I love that someone put this out into the world.  Secondly, it’s just really wonderful and well worth the 4 minutes and 35 seconds.

Now that my husband and I are both working from home, that alone time is hard to come by.  I need to adjust my mental atmosphere in this new work environment of ours.  Before, he would be 30 minutes away at his office and I would be home in my studio….making art, blasting music, singing at the top of my lungs and taking mini dance breaks.  I work better when I’m alone.  I need to adapt and I also need some alone time, so I’ve been contemplating a solo adventure.  We have a credit with Southwest Airlines…enough for one person to go on such an adventure and I am so lucky to have the full support and love from my marvelous man.  I’ve never actually traveled somewhere far for a vacation all by myself before and I am so very excited and (I must admit) a bit nervous.

p.s. [and this is no lie…] As I was gushing to you how wonderful my husband is, he came walking through the door with roses.  I forgot that today is the 21st and every month on this day he brings me flowers to celebrate our wedding day.  See what I mean?  Great guy who brings me flowers and encourages me to go on a mini holiday without him.  Aaaaaaaand you can stop vomiting now.  I’m done.

Do you have any tips for me as I start planning this adventure of mine?  I hear New Mexico calling my name.  🙂
Xoxo, Jenna


Art Love: Doug Rhodehamel’s Mushrooms Across America

Have you ever seen these mushrooms around your city???  
Well, when I moved to Orlando I saw them everywhere and wondered….”What is UP with these paper bag mushrooms?” “What does it MEAN?”  “WHO is behind this?”  Years and years later, I randomly met a guy named Doug Rhodehamel  through my friend Nicolle one night at our favorite local hangout and that’s when the mystery was solved.  Doug is a very funny and sweet artist, that on that night, gave an inebriated Jenna & Nicolle a ride home.  He created The Spore Project which is an ongoing project promoting awareness of creativity and art education.  Some schools and every day people across the country have adopted this project.  They have planted these mushrooms along highways, in fields, and in their yards.  Actually, he has mushrooms planted on every continent, so join the fun and spread the word, Yo!  Click HERE to learn how to make your own mushrooms.
Currently, the green states have had mushroom plantings.  If you live in one of those other states and wish to participate in The Spore Project…make some mushrooms, take a photo and email it to and he’ll put you on the map!  

Help Doug plant
 Happy mushroom making! Xoxo, Jenna.

Art Love: Danny Roberts

I’m currently in love with the work of Danny Roberts from Igor + André.  Here are a few of my favorites from his character sketchbook…
There is something about those circled cheeks that I really like a lot.  You can also see that in some of Elle Malan’s work as well…I think she’s great too.

Something in me wants to have pink hair so badly…
I’ve had some pink chunks before (on accident), but never 100% committed pink hair. 

I wish I were more skilled in drawing & illustration…definitely need to brush up and practice…need to find my style.
I hope you all are having a splendid week!
Xoxo, Jenna

German Chocolate Cupcake Review

June 29th is a fun day because two of my Lovelies (Angela & Lucy) share that birthday.  Lucy had to go and move away on us, so no cupcakes for her.  😛

Angela’s favorite cake flavor is German Chocolate and you know I like to bake soooooo…voilà!

Well, I can be somewhat of a food snob at times so I only liked half of this recipe.  All in all this was an easy recipe to follow and the frosting beat the cake by a mile.  Seriously, I could’ve eaten it by the spoonful.  Hell…who am I trying to kid, you know I did.  This frosting (to me) was perfection and the best “German” style frosting I’ve ever had.  The cake, however, is quite possibly the worst I’ve made.  It wasn’t chocolatey enough, but that wasn’t the worst part.  Although the cake was very fluffy, it wasn’t very flavorful and was too soft.  By the next day after being under glass it was almost soggy and fell apart very easily.  BUT, the birthday girl liked them so that’s all that matters.  I just happen to be a bit fussy with baked goods.
Side note: These cupcakes can look a bit boring and borderline ugly with just the frosted cakes.  Adding chocolate and coconut shavings makes them look fancier…and what have I been doing with the leftovers???
Yep….removing the crumbly tops from the ho hum cupcakes so I can still eat the frosting.  You betcha.  I’m also the girl who will suck the chocolate off of Raisinets and chuck the raisins when she’s desperate for a choco-fix.
What have we learned?  This frosting is boss, but use another chocolate cake recipe.  If you have a good one, pass it my way!
Happy baking!
Xoxo, Jenna