A Monday Playlist…

Lots to do today…..packing, laundry, grocery shopping.  I need a bit of music.  Here’s some of what’s on my playlist today!

Jeff Buckley – Eternal Life
I love every single song on Grace.  If you don’t have it, get it.  His voice oozes passion and his guitar can sound like angels or a chainsaw.  He’s one of the great musical loves of my life.

Erin McKeown – Slung Lo
I bought her cd Grand simply based on the album art.  I’d never heard her before and it just looked like something I might like…(this is when I was living at home, had two jobs and a ton of disposable income).  Anyway, I loved this cd for a long time.  Lots of fun tunes sung with a quirky voice.

Patty Griffin – Forgiveness
I love everything Patty.  The End.

The Weepies – Love Doesn’t Last Too Long
BIG fan.  Great harmonies and lyrics.  Some songs break my heart while others put me in the happiest of moods.  That = great music.  Am I right?

Band of Skulls – I Know What I Am
Fun rock song…I think they’re voices go really well together.

Coldplay – Sparks
So, Coldplay use to be the buzz, but now I can’t find a single person that does anything but hate on them.  I never was a mega fan, but they have a good number of songs that I like a lot, Sparks being one of them.  I think it’s beautiful.

NWA – Express Yourself
Get straight and meditate like a buddhist…

Happy Monday!
xoxo, Jenna


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