Key Lime Pie Cupcakes!

Last week or so I wrote a post called Holy Sweet Tooth! where I shared a link with 33 delish looking cupcake recipes.  Well!  I baked a batch of #32 for a lunch/baby shower celebrating my very preggo friend who is about to give birth to her second child.

This is the recipe that I followed and it was really quick and easy.
I did adjust the cook time from 20 minutes to 17 (because my oven tends to run a little high).
I might try checking them at 15 minutes next time because I thought they were just a touch overdone.


Very tasty…..and the pregnant lady had three, so that’s proof enough that the recipe doesn’t suck.  🙂
I really liked the addition of the graham cracker crumbs to the the batter.  It definitely gave it a different texture with a more dense and large crumb.  Don’t expect that fine and fluffy texture of a boxed mix, because that’s not what this batter yields.  The frosting is super easy (aside from juicing those teeny tiny key limes) and it was SO YUMMY.
Here’s how mine turned out!  That photo was taken right before I shoved it into my mouth.


It’s very tricky to make citrus curls for garnishes from teeny tiny key limes.  I don’t recommend it…it was messy and my fingertips were fearful as I worked at them with a very sharp knife.  If you want to garnish these with curls, I would use a regular lime.  Also, cut your garnishes the day you plan to present them.  Overnight they started to shrivel and dry out and by the next day began to turn brown and harden.
 Here’s a video on how to make citrus twists…he uses a lemon, but you can substitute a lime here.  There a few other methods you can find on YouTube, but I thought this one seemed the easiest.
Happy baking!
xoxo, Jenna

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