Art Therapy or Coincidence?

I had a little bought with insomnia awhile back (sometime last year), so I made this little sleeping fairy because all I could think about was getting a yummy full nights rest. 

I majored in Psychology and minored in Studio Art.  My plan was to pursue a Masters Degree in Art Therapy after, but about a week before I graduated, I had a minor nervous breakdown…..breakthrough.  I was finally able to take this Masters level class on practices in counseling techniques and it was an incredible class.  I was really good at being a pretend therapist!  Anyway, many questions were posed and the more I thought about what I was about to venture in to, the more I realized that it was not what I wanted to with my life in that moment of time.  However confident I was in the thought that I would make an excellent art therapist (and I still believe that to be true), it wasn’t the right path for me then and I’m so glad that I listened to myself.  Even though I spent many years after trying out two separate paths (that weren’t right either), I am finally in the best place ever.  With the support of my husband, I am making my way in this world as an artist and I am so happy and excited to get all my ducks in a row and start selling….more details on all of that coming soon.

I wanted so badly to be her.  Sleeping on a fluffy white cloud.  She’s just a little colored pencil doodle that turned into something sweet.  Her wings are a really cool seed pod that I found…I love incorporating random odds and ends and bits of nature in my work.
I slept the night I finished her and my insomnia stayed away for awhile…and has only popped up a few times since.  So, I ask…art therapy or coincidence?  I don’t think it’s coincidence.  I am definitely a believer in the power and effectiveness of art as therapy and am very passionate about it.  The thought still crosses my mind every now and then of going back to school to pursue it and maybe someday the time will be right for me.  After all, your never too old to learn and try something new.  All I know is, I made the right decision then and I know that the time is not now and if it never is, then that’s okay too.  

5/15/11 – I just found out that this little post was added to today’s issue of Art Therapy London (an on-line paper)! … yay!


2 thoughts on “Art Therapy or Coincidence?

  1. Juliet DiCaprio

    Golly, I keep finding these new (old) posts that are so intriguing! I definitely think you would make a terrific art therapist, if the time is ever right! (But I understand the need to do what's right for onesself first…)Congrats on being posted !


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