My First Hat…

I recently taught myself how to crochet.  While on vacation last week I attempted my first hat….

Success.  Amiright?
Dumb Donald could have been my brother from another mother standing next to me in this hat.
Dumb Donald from Fat Albert

XO – jenna


2 thoughts on “My First Hat…

  1. Jenna Caring

    @Juliet DiCaprio Yeah, I think you're right….it is suppose to be big, I guess I just don't like this kind of big for me. Maybe someone will buy it when I put it up on Etsy…….some day. Hopefully soon. As for the mechanical bull, I'm tempted to say that I'd only do it again in Texas. It was so much more a cultural and fun competition thing there rather than drunk girls at a bar thing (the only other scenarios I've seen a mechanical bull in). The cowboys at the rodeo were so much more concerned about beating their buddies time than the possibility of a whoopsie-daisy drunk boob flash. This made for a much less hostile environment. 🙂


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