Monthly Archives: April 2011

The simple things…

You might be a strange person if….

…your idea of a little slice of heaven is being covered in warm fresh laundry.  It really is the simplest things that make me happy.

Dear Diary???

I’ve never been able to keep a diary or journal active for more than a few entries and I have a several ideas why.

  1. I’m pretty sure my Mom broke into my diary when I was in Elementary school.  How’d she get in?!  I mean, it was one of those top security puffy diaries with the tiny lock on it.  Was she Houdini?  Or, perhaps did I leave the key lying right next to it?  Likely.  It was all out of concern of course, but still, that would stop most kids from pursuing a “secret” diary.
  2. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found a “secret” diary to be kind of pointless and unhelpful.  I mean, I can only mull things over in my head for so long before they either (A.) completely resolve and dissolve within myself  (B.) have to be shared and discussed with my counselor, friends or husband because I need help sorting through it  (C.) get swallowed, ignored and saved for a later date when I’m more prepared to deal.
  3. From what I remember, my attempts were always trying to hash out the hard things in life, but frankly, when that’s all you’re writing about it becomes tiresome and so un-fun.

My goal for this blog to NOT make it like my typical diaries of yesteryear.  I like that it’s public.  I like feedback…I find it helpful.  I will most likely avoid a lot of the personal “hard stuff” on this blog because I want this to be a place of fun, art, love and delicious things.  I look forward to sharing lots of beautiful crafty goodness with you and hope you share with me.

XO – Jenna